SALE! $19.99 (Reg $32.80) NordicTrack Dual Density Foam Roller with Adjustable Design

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Roll your muscles out before and after your high-intensity workouts with the NordicTrack Dual Density Adjustable Foam Roller. Supplement your stretching routine before engaging in challenging exercise to reduce your chance of sustaining a personal injury, and massage your muscles after your training session to reduce soreness and improve your recovery time. Your NordicTrack Dual Density Foam Roller features a ridged design to help stimulate blood flow and circulation and improve overall flexibility, helping you reach your fitness and health goals faster than ever. Enjoy the added customizability of your foam roller’s dual design – the darker color represents a higher density for a more intense massage. Adjust your NordicTrack Foam Roller by pulling on either end of the cylinder. Your personal massaging foam roller was designed to be travel-friendly; simply tuck it into your gym bag, backpack, suitcase, or backseat to enjoy the power of massage anywhere you go. Take control of your recovery, reduce uncomfortable muscle soreness, and relieve tension in your back and shoulders with the adjustable Dual Density Foam Roller from NordicTrack.