RUN – PRICE ERROR – $19.99 FOR Crayola Creativity Play Station Desk & Chair Set

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Support your child’s artistic and creative side with the Crayola Creativity Play Station. This Crayola Factory art desk provides your little artist with the perfect space to create original pieces of artwork. It comes with three paint cups, three brushes, one eraser, one table, and two stools. The table has a flat, black chalkboard-like top that your child can actually draw or write directly on with chalk, or they can use it as a surface for their paper while coloring or painting. Three of the table legs have three small shelves for storing items when they’re not in use. The fourth table leg features a small mesh catch-all bag that can be used for trash or extra storage room. Some assembly is required for the Crayola Creativity Play Station, but the assembly only takes about five minutes to complete. This item is recommended for children three years of age and older. Crayola Creativity Play Station Desk & Chair Set

  • Includes three paint cups, three brushes, and one eraser
  • Two stools allows for multiple children to play at once
  • Recommended for children three years and up
  • Colors: red, blue, and yellow