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Frontline Top Spot for Cats

Frontline Top Spot for Cats is a topical spot-on treatment for the prevention of fleas, flea life cycles, flea infestation and biting lice on cats and kittens. This monthly treatment is quite effective and starts killing flea re-infestations with newly acquired adult fleas for at least one month. This treatment is safe to be used on breeding, pregnant or lactating cats. This topical treatment starts fleas within a day of application.

It is safe to use on kittens 8 weeks of age and older

How It Works?

Fipronil is the active ingredient present in Frontline Top Spot for Cats. Fipronil, a broad spectrum insecticide attacks the central nervous system of fleas thereby killing them with insecticidal property before they can bite the cat. Due to its waterproof property your cat can now freely enjoy baths and go out in wet areas with complete protection from fleas and lice.